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So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’ve been keeping busy with school and possible podcast guests (spoiler alert?!), along with geeking over the new Real Friends song that got released yesterday (check it out, it’s called “Scared To Be Alone”). But this post will be about a different band: Green Day, aka my favorite band of all time. I must warn you all, too, considering I got angry: parental discretion is advised…so here it goes.

So I was waiting for my 10 o’clock class to start, and as my professor is blasting Celtic Frost (brutal), I overhear one of my classmates mention Billie Joe’s meltdown back in 2012 at the iHeart Radio festival. The only reason why I heard him over the metal music that was blasting was because I heard him paraphrase what Billie said, “Do you know how long I’ve been doing this, man? This is bullshit, man, we get less time than Justin fucking Bieber, man?” etc, etc, you get the idea. He then proceeds to go on to say something like “you seriously call that punk?” and “I’m sorry, but he’s just a whiny, little bitch,” “you ever heard of the Sex Pistols?”…yeah, that was the fucking tipping point.

So if you’re reading this, señor dickhead (which you probably aren’t, but whatever if someone shows this to you), let’s get some facts straight: Billie Joe was inebriated during that half set that they did, which was a cause of his meltdown. He then proceeded to go to rehab after that, which was his manager’s decision. Backtracking a little bit, Billie has a history of being completely fucked out of his mind at past Green Day shows, going back to the 90s with Woodstock ‘94, jumping into the crowd and fighting people who were being rough, playing naked at Madison Square Garden, to the 2000s wishing Steve Jobs would “die of fucking cancer,” throwing instruments into the ocean, etc, etc, you get the idea. I know I really shouldn’t assume all incidents like this would be because toxic chemicals, but come on. He had an addiction, he went to rehab, he’s apologized to everybody, and he got his shit together pretty well. He’s had his shit together pretty well for almost as long as Green Day’s career.

Second of all, if Billie’s a whiny little bitch, then I’m a telemarketer. This is not the first time I have heard this comment, but almost every singer could be christened with the adjective “whiny.” Well guess what, asshole? As much as you think he whines all the time, a million other singers are just like him, dating BACK to bands like Sex Pistols and the Clash, who were technically whining about politics all across the goddamn River Thames (how about that for a ‘70s brit-punk reference?), talking about how there’s “no future,” or everything’s “Pretty Vacant,” and that “I wanna riot,” and stuff like that. Tying into my third point, there are tons of subgenres for what is known as “punk rock.” Yes, elitists will say that bands like Pistols, Clash, Ramones, Black Flag, and the Damned are the “true punk rock bands,” but keep in mind, Green Day were basically influenced by all of those bands. And Green Day continues to influence generations of bands across the globe. Sooooo a bunch of people are “whiny,” by your standards, then. Including blink-182, as well (which you mentioned as well, ass-hat…)

Now, I understand that we don’t talk that much, and I respect your taste in music—mostly—but just to let you know, I actually got really hurt when you started berating. I also may sound like I’m butt-hurt, but everyone has their own opinion, including you. I’m not expecting an apology, because I know it’s not coming, but I’m pissed as hell. So go back and listen to your Baroque sonatas, and go back to sleep.