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Midwest Monday — On A Tuesday (Episode 2)

Midwest Monday — On A Tuesday (Episode 2)

Yes I know, it’s not Monday, but I do want this segment to continue. And I promise, I will be more on time with these things. I will say this though: be on the look out for something cool music-wise coming from me! That’s all I will say on that note…anyway, Midwest Monday is back again with another new band that’ll knock your teeth out.

Charlie Siren is a four-piece pop-punk band from Minneapolis, MN. The band consists of Tane Graves (vocals/guitar), Aaron Reed (guitar), Dustin Reed (bass), and Paeton Gillette (drums). The band formed back in 2012, and have three official releases: This Is Home (2013), a split EP with Chicago band Et Tu Brute (2014), and most recently Mood Swings (2016) on Loud, Broke, and Dumb Records. If I had to compare them to other bands, I’d say they’re a love child coming from Knuckle Puck, Yellowcard, New Found Glory, and 2004 era of Senses Fail (minus the screamo parts). Their latest album was the first album that I heard from them, as I was recommended to them from a friend. I could not get over how well the album was produced! Each instrument can be clearly heard through any speaker, not to mention the songs are catchy as all hell. This band definitely gives a huge shot in the arm to current pop-punk bands that are starting out in the Midwest.

Not only are these guys amazing at music, they did something special with the release of Mood Swings: for the first month of the release, they donated 50% of their album sales “My Pit Bull Is Family,” a non-profit organization that focuses on ending Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). This is one of my favorite things not just about Midwest bands, but bands from every corner of the globe: supporting a charity that means a lot to them. It just goes to show that the band is passionate not only in their music, but causes that mean just as much to them. Some of my favorite songs by the band include “Twenty-Five,” “So Long,” “Indigent Mindset,” and “The Fabulist.”

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