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Midwest Monday (Episode 1)

Midwest Monday (Episode 1)

So I’m gonna try something new here: I’ve been getting more and more into really, really cool Midwest/local bands that have been popping up over the last few years. That being said, this segment is going to be short blurbs of kind words about—you guessed it. Anyway, this first post is all about a band that’s doing really well in the genre of easycore.

They’re called Settle Your Scores from Cincinnati, Ohio. The five-piece group consists of vocalist Christian Fisher, guitarists Ricky Uhlenbrock and Patrick Bryant, bassist Jeffery Borer, and drummer Caleb Smith. This band is for fans of easycore bands like A Day To Remember & Four Year Strong, as well as pop-punk bands like ROAM and Seaway. Now I am normally not a fan of easycore, but this band was a really good find. They put their debut album The Wilderness back in January this year, and it is smokin’! The guitars have a very metallic sound similar to ADTR/FYS, even the vocals have a Jeremy McKinnon feel to it, but the cool thing is that it sounds very much SYS. That’s not an easy (no pun intended) thing to say when it comes to a genre of music such as easycore, but it really does work. The lyrics that easycore bands are very cliche, topics include girls, revenge, more girls, getting out of their hometown, and more girls. As much as those topics are present in SYS’s songs, they make it their own, and are pure, kickass tunes.

Not only are the songs amazing, but so are the song titles. They’re about as long as 2005 emo pop titles, but they’re extremely entertaining. My personal favorite song title is “How to Screw Up Your Future and Disappoint Your Love Ones.” Another personal favorite song of mine is “Cashing In Your Reality Check.” It has distinct ADTR sounding verses with a type of chorus that New Found Glory would be proud of. And the breakdown? Siiiiiick. But enough of my words, here’s the link to they’re album stream on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLISzAbhMLwM7dvClR162i-14lKN8eLIvv

I highly recommend this group because they’re really talented musicians that come from a scene where songs can sound the same, but this group definitely takes it to the max and shows the world that their genre isn’t dead/cliche. If you can, catch them on the “Guardians of Easycore Tour” opening up for Abandoned By Bears and For The Win. Dates are still up until June 12th, with the tour ending in San Diego, CA at the legendary SOMA. To get their album, The Widerness, here’s their Bandcamp link: https://settleyourscores.bandcamp.com/album/the-wilderness
(music also available on iTunes & Spotify)

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