New In Review! (1/29)

This week’s “New In Review” is another killer review! I will be reviewing Promise Everything by Basement.

For those of you that don’t know, Basement is a band from Ipswich, England formed in 2009. Their previous releases include the EPs Songs About the Weather (2010), Further Sky (2014), and the albums I Wish I Could Stay Here (2011), and Colourmekindness (2012), all released on Run for Cover Records. Popular songs by them include “Covet,” “Pine,” “Fading,” “Whole,” “Earl Grey,” and “Every Single Word.” If I had to describe what they sound like, I’d say they sound like The Promise Ring (’90s emo band from Wisconsin, check them out too), with a heavy punk tinge to it.

I had known of Basement a little bit when everyone made a big deal about them going on hiatus around 2012. It was then that I decided to listen to the albums that they had already put out. I gotta say, I became a fan right after listening to those albums. They fueled my anxiousness a little more, and I was not disappointed.

The opening track, “Brother’s Keeper,” opens up the album right where Colourmekindness left off. The guitars go from loud and melodic to slow and softer within the first minute of the song. Needless to say, this is the track that says “We’re Basement, and we are back.” The second song “Hanging Around” has riffs that sound like they could’ve been Nirvana songs (a band that Basement is hugely influenced by). It is a perfectly crafted 3 minute alternative rock song, and from first listen, it is one of my favorites on this album. It’s also followed by the slower, but equally grungy song “Lose Your Grip.” The music on this track goes from layered and heavy, to at times spacious, especially in the second verse. Both of those songs are a one-two punch that they need to play live.

“Aquasun,” the third single from the album, showcases groove, which to me is not normally present in Basement’s music, but it works very well on this track. The guitar harmonics intro is one of the highlights on the album, as well as the bridge, which is so simple yet emotion pours out of the band’s soul fluidly. No, these were not puns because of the title…or is that just me (?)…nevermind. Anyway, the first half of the album ends with “Submission,” a loud, yet bouncy track with wonderful vocal harmonies over a KICK-ASS guitar riff. Definitely another favorite of mine, and this could very well be a big fan favorite in my opinion. If “Submission” ends the first half with a bang, “Oversized,” the second single, starts the second half with a smoke break. This is Basement’s “island chill” track: simple, relaxing, and gentle.

“Blinded Bye” could be noted as a Weezer Blue Album sound-alike song, but it is still another standout track on this record for sure. The vocal harmonies shine on this track as bright as Weezer’s do, but not as intricate and layered. “For You The Moon” continues the groove with one of the sickest choruses on the whole album! Lyrically, this song is a love song, beautifully created with the theme of asking for someone to love the main character back. Oh yeah, and this also has the greatest guitar noise interlude on the album too. The title track, and first single from the album, brings the bounce back up. The highlight on this track is the bass break/interlude because the tone that you hear is what every punk bassist always kills for. They have already played this live, and it is currently their most streamed song on Spotify. I can see why, because this song is amazing! The closing track, “Halo,” is another slower song, but it is hauntingly beautiful. And for being the shortest song on the album, it’s like one big teardrop that falls down and drowns people in their goosebumps and leaving them wanting more.

I will say this: it is a lot lighter than Colourmekindness. I mean that in all the best sense of that word. It’s more of a fun record than the last one, and a little brighter. If you are a fan of Basement, you will not hate this record. I promise you that…okay now that was an unintentional pun 🙂

Rating: 10/10
Standout tracks: Basically, the whole album.



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