VINYL TIME (Episode 1)

I’ve started buying some of my favorite records on vinyl recently, so this segment will feature pictures of the ones I have with my review/story about them.

This first one is a record that I recently bought by a band called The Get Up Kids. I first heard of them through interviews of blink-182 and Fall Out Boy, to name a few, claiming that they were a huge influence on them throughout their careers. This is their seminal album Something To Write Home About. Released in 1999 through Vagrant Records, this not only broke the band into the mainstream, but it was also a major influence on emo, pop-punk, and “emo pop” bands alike. Spanning 12 tracks in 45 minutes, there is not one dull moment on this album. It is dynamic, touching, revealing, and melodic whilst retaining a punk rock sound. One contribution to the sound of this album is the addition of keyboardist James Dewees (also famous for playing with New Found Glory during the Catalyst cycle) adding more sounds and melodies to band that were still slowly building a following after releasing their debut Four Minute Mile.

My personal favorite track on here is “Ten Minutes,” which was the first single. It is the song that actually got me into the band. A simple drum intro, combined with a guitar/keyboard riff that stops right before singer Matthew Pryor declares that “Ten minutes to downtown, is ten minutes too far.” Almost halfway into the song, the key and the dynamic changes when Pryor sings “Pockets empty, how can you tell me that everything will work out?” questioning what the antagonist of the song has said beforehand. The song is a fan favorite, and remains a staple in their live set to this day.

When I got this on vinyl, it was at the last minute. I was walking to the register at the store I went to, and as soon as I saw it, I picked it up and added it to my purchase. I already had it on CD, which is still pretty awesome, so getting on vinyl was an opportunity I could not pass up. My favorite feature of this physical product is the color of the vinyl. I love colored vinyl, and the pink is the right shade, and the feel of the record is different than the other records that I have which makes it even more special.

If you have not heard of the Get Up Kids before this, my suggestion to you would be the same as anybody: Get this album first. From start to finish, it is a classic record from late 90’s, and if you can afford to get it on vinyl, that makes the experience even more classic.


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